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Activity Services

Page history last edited by Tara Brown 16 years ago

Here are some walls/activity type services I think are pleasant to interact with.




·         Full screen. This is the basis of this service, so makes sense

·         I like how easy it is to choose a type of file to add and post for others to see…

·         The Activity and posting form are tied together

·         Filter is a nice big discoverable button

·         My latest posting is first and color coded to differentiate from others postings

·         I can edit my posting inline

·         I can reblog someone’s posting/link, etc. This is cool

·         Customization is TRES cool:  http://www.tumblr.com/customize

·         I like the combination effect of being able to see public (community) tumblogs and also my friends…

·         I created a Group here that is public: http://www.tumblr.com/group/250001





·         Full screen. This is the basis of this service, so makes sense

·         I like how easy it is to choose a type of file to add and post for others to see…

·         The Activity and posting form are tied together

·         I can choose who receives my Post

·         Easy to see on the left who my friends are and who I am a fan of

·         I can see in the top corner of my posting how many people I sent a posting to

·         My other services/profiles are visible to me and my friends.





·         Doesn’t get any simpler than post and feed

·         Frustrations are that my direct messages and the replies to my postings are in different places. They could be combined and just have an indicator to tell me what’s public vs. private

·         Painful to go through and review who my friends are and who is a fan of me.

·         The URLs get squished. I think this is important b/c no one wants a big ass long URL in their feed

 W  Waiting for the hash # marks to actually indicated places

      Tons of services that branched off from Twitter which is such a cool organic developer platform model. curious if they planned it that way??




For those of you that saw my Tweet complaining about this service plus detailed write-up, you will be surprised that I have it listed here. 

The founders both have been in touch with me and provided great responses so I'm giving them a break.

UI is clean and easy to understand and feed dominates page as it should

I like the new Import feature to find Twitter users on BrightKite. What's great is that the confirmation dialog is inline so I don't get navigated away from the page

Still same problem as Twitter where private messages are off in never never land in the UI as opposed to inline with public and just filterable

Navigation issues with my feed vs. friend's feeds and filterable by location





·         News feed and Mini feed should be combined. Don’t like the separate Inbox

·         I like the embedded ads in the feed (did I really say that?). some of them actually interest me

·         Group feed should be in my Newsfeed

·         Easy to understand icons to differentiate the different type of feed content

·         Thumbs/up Down, but should also have a rating & should be able to “subscribe” again in future if I totally stop seeing something or someone

·         Events are broken out so I don’t miss them

·         Requests are broken out so I don’t miss them



Windows Live Spaces


·         There’s a link to create an event right next to the feed

·         Types of content to post is right at the top

·         Other than that, I don’t like this service at all. Just sayin

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