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Today was crappy because...



  • I dropped my SoniCare on the floor while it was still running and then my dog licked it. So there was toothpaste plus dog spit sprayed all over my bathroom. This was *extra* annoying because my house is for sale and I have to keep everything clean. Ug



  • LinkedIn Status...I entered my status and clicked enter and the dialog disappeared yet my status was not updated. Apparently the 'enter' key means 'cancel' to the LinkedIn people. I suggest that they fix this. Its kind of an accessibility issue fyi
  • I spent an hour on the phone with American Express Corporate about a $48 charge that I couldn't figure out how to reconcile. And there was this damn 'beep' every 5 seconds so I couldn't concentrate on the agent's long explanations and I got a headache. Then I just hung up.




  • digg toolbar
    • Couldn't even find the download for it on the digg homepage
    • Wanted to digg an article using a toolbar button and it didn't work
      • Reply from @efortiz: NYT has page tools on the right of each (actually they are selective) story labeled "Share" allows you to "Digg" a story
    • couldn't find the article I wanted to digg on the digg homepage
  • OpenId & logging in with other services
    • Whenever I try to login to a site, like http://wikihow.com with my OpenId it doesn't recognize it. Maybe I'm just not logging in correctly. The login instructions are cryptic and I just get annoyed.  I was told to use http://idproxy.net if I had a Yahoo! account which I do and that didn't work either.
    • The FOAF page doesn't work and I don't know what to do with it anyway.
  • my Earthlink modem+Microsoft wireless router isn't working
    • I blame @t because since he visited me it stopped working. :(
      • I know, damn PowerBook G4, running MacOS and on a PowerPC. Must have really thrown the MS router for a loop. @t
      • I thought we got the Earthlink modem working, i.e. when you connect direct with the yellow ethernet hardline - is it down again? @t
      • The MSHOME wireless router is the likely culprit. This article on the router may have some tips to help debug it. Worst case, do a hard reset on the MSHOME router (pushing whatever hidden pin needs to pushed), and reinstall/reconfigure the router software on your laptop. That router is also no longer a supported MS product (no mention on the Microsoft Hardware page) so another option is to replace it with a cheap Linksys. Replacement might be the faster / less annoying option. Perhaps check Amazon and add one to your wishlist. @t
  • Twitter was super slow today and this annoyed me because I was aggregating some replies I got and had to toggle between this wiki and Twitter and Twitter was slowing me down significantly
  • Brightkite notifications for the people around me feature is getting overwhelming and I don't really care 
    • I'm getting too many notifications about checkins around me from Brightkite and I don't know how to turn them off from my phone via SMS. The browser experience for Brightkite stinks so I rely on SMS and emailing my pics in.  Not being able to get to the PC when I'm annoyed and needing to change a setting upsets me.
      • Reply from @sourjayne:  You can text "off" to Brightkite. Or text "NN Friends" so you only get nearby notifications from friends. Or "NN off"


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