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Page history last edited by Tara Brown 11 years, 5 months ago

Got some recommendations on awesome #girlsrule musicians.  Some I know, some are new...here's my notes!

 (Thanks to @ang, @joshualane, @KempInMotion @lauraglu, @mightymendoza for hearing my cries!)





Nicole Atkins

Neko Case




Frou Frou

Goldfrapp -- Umm yes, I am her biggest fan

Patty Griffin


I really like clear, non baby voices that can hold up on their own with just a guitar.

"One Big Love" if someone told me this was Sheryl Crowe, I would not have questioned it.


Imogen Heap -- duh



Sharon Jones



Rilo Kiley


Jenny Lewis


Metric (Emily Haines) -- oh yes

Kate Nash

Heather Nova

Beth Orton


"Did Somebody Make a Fool of You" - the lyrics are pretty basic and very short song. I guess if you want to rock yourself to sleep crying and feeling sorry for yourself over some guy, this would do

"Buckets of Rain" with M. Ward - definitely has a country twang to it. I don't mind that so much, but I'm not a huge fan of duos so, it gets a meh

Edith Piaf

Cat Power

Sara Romano

Regina Spektor

Mia Doi Todd


Overall thought she was OK, but nothing rocked my socks off

- L.A., USA

- 1975

- Like:

Planting. It was sweet and I liked the lyrics...anytime a girl refers to a fishing rod it conjurs up great images

My room is white - It was unexpected after the intro

Earth's Children (featured).  This song reminds me of Sade to some degree

- Hate:


Emiliana Torrini


Pretty good, but just didn't seem original

- Iceland

- 1977

- Little girl voice, I like her happy go lucky songs over the ones where she is trying to copy Bjork in a very bad way

- Like: Birds, Big Jumps, Unemployed in summertime (the song reminds me of Zero 7)

- So So: Jungle Drum (Starts out great, and I like the chorus except for when she does that weird drum sound and then it ruins it for me)

- Hate: Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel cover), Gun (what the hell is she trying to do?)


Rachael Yamagata

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