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Page history last edited by Tara Brown 12 years, 2 months ago

These are songs that me and others have played on repeat.


Person Notes
Pictures of You The Cure @tara Missing some boy
Ex-Factor Lauryn Hill @tara Some boy problem
MirrorBall Everything But the Girl @tara Feeling sorry for myself
Glory Box Portishead @tara Boys, again
Skeletons Yeah Yeah Yeahs @tara Its haunting
Plush Stone Temple Pilots @tara some Boy problem
Hospital Beds Florence and the Machine @tara Not sure, just loved it when I discovered her
A&E Goldfrapp @tara Its such a sad song and I love Allison!
Destiny Zero 7 @tara Its amazingly sexified. Reow
Killing In the Name Of Rage Against the Machine @tara Its one of my go-to Angry songs
Head Like a Hole NIN @tara Another go-to angry song
Tiny Dancer Elton John @tara It makes me cry. 
Meddle Little Boots @clintus I listened to it 4 times in a row and then another 3 times the next day
Give In To Me Michael Jackson @sarahblume123  
Yesterday Is Here Tom Waits @abie  
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice @jalbertbowdenii a "friend" had a whole mixtape with only this on it
Bleeding Heart Show The New Pornographers @perrymisley Looped it ALL DAY
It Never Entered My Mind Miles Davis @ang  
Last Time Paper Route @indiequick  
Spotlight Mute Math @darryltheglen Listened 30x the day it was released
Dare You To Move Switchfoot @darryltheglen Annoyed coworkers by looping it all day in his cube
Stop I'm Already Dead Dead Boy and the Elephant Men @mtwfrsn wore it out!
A Few Hours After This The Cure @BigfootandGray 20x in a row when first heard it
Various Tracks Pirates Three and the bonus Suite @SandieK lot o play time
Can You Tell Ra Ra Riot @strutting He's in love. 24x in a row
Something 4 Porno Felix da Housecat @strutting 18x in a row (cuz he likes to get  his freak on)
Sleepyhead Passion Pit @tara I haven't been this obsessed with a song in I don't know how long. I listened to every single remix I could find and played all day
The Reeling Passion Pit @tara Just love


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