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Page history last edited by Tara Brown 11 years, 5 months ago

I am building my own bike and here is the list of stuff I need.


Bike requirements

- Steel frame

- 53 cm

- Italian, Japanese

- Single Speed (free wheel that can be made fixed)

- Shimano 106

- Full spokers







 Brakes & Cables



New or used, short reach road brakes. Need front and back. Should be availabe from any bike shop for about $35 or so.

 Brake Levers



You liked mountain bike levels as opposed to road ones, these are smaller and can fit close into the stem the way you liked them. Again new or used  is fine.
Chain     They had a red one at Freecycle, you should buy it. Make sure it's the correct size (you'll need to ask them to confirm 1/8th is the size you want)

165 length if you ever plan to go fixed gear. If not, 170 or 175 legnth is OK.

Sugino makes great cranks, and they are available at any shop. Check this chart for gear inch conversions. You decided that around 70 gear inches was good for you, so depending on the size chainring you can determine what size freewheel and cog to get. For instance, if the cranks come with a 44t chainring, you'll be looking for a 17t freewheel

Frameset IRO http://flickr.com/photos/seanbonner/2836713897/ Purchaed from Pedal, a local bike shop in the Mission.  Decided to go all RED!!!
Handlebar     Go to a shop and ride a few different styles to determine what you want. 
Pedals     Basic MKS with straps will work to start
Seat     Again you'll need to look for the one you want, though likely you'll change it a few times before you find a perfect fit. You were looking for a brooks style, but in red.
Seat Post     Pretty basic, not a lot of options. black and ask the shop about the size you need for the IRO frame
Stem     Lots of options. You have a threadless fork so don't buy a threaded quill stem.
Tires     Ordered.
Wheelset (non quick release)     Red Deep V's laced to Red Hubs, Phil Wood if you want to throw down the mega cash. If not many other cheeper options for sure. Ordered.
Bottom Bracket     Buy this with the cranks brand new to make sure it's a good fit.
Freewheel     Ordered with wheelset, waiting to decide # of teeth
Headset     buy new from any shop.


*Once you get the headset installed, and stem you want, you will need to take your fork to a shop and have it cut down to correct size.







Comments (1)

seanbonner said

at 6:54 pm on Aug 13, 2008

I might have some parts you can swipe, once you get your frame we'll see what works..

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