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Things that make me say EPIC FAIL

Page history last edited by Tara Brown 16 years, 1 month ago

I just can't keep it in anymore, I gotta let it out, ya know??!!


When you read this page, I highly recommend playing Fatboy Slim's Star 69:


What the fuck?

They know what is what,

But they dont know what is what,

They just strut.


What the fuck?


They just know,

What they know,

What they dont know,

What is what.





I have a couple of hours to kill at the Salt Lake City airport because my plane has technical difficulties. I want to catch up on life after being at Coachella for a few days so I am anxious to hop on the 'Net.  Here's my tale:


  1. Boot up my PC running Vista (let's focus on the issue, the OS can wait for another day)
  2. Click on the little "connect or disconnect" icon
  3. I am presented with a list of Wireless Networks.
  4. I choose 'Free Public Wifi'  (logical choice right?)
  5. It doesn't work
  6. I try 'datavalet'  (Yes I realize that by randomly choosing unsecured networks I am taking a risk but I needs my Internets!)
  7. It doesn't work
  8. I look again, oh...Boingo is there and seems associated with the airport. Annoying behavior #1: why wasn't I presented with this first?? It should pop to the top in the list
  9. I connect to Boingo
  10. I launch my browser (we won't go into that either right now)
  11. I am navigated to the Boingo sign up page.  Lots of mumbo jumbo and the price of $7.95. Fine, done. let's do it
  12. I enter in WAY too much information about myself & my credit card.  Annoying behavior #2. You just need my credit card or paypal. That's it
  13. OMG it now asks me to download software if I am a Windows user. Are you kidding me??? I do it anyway b/c like I said I am hankering to get online  Annoying behavior #3: software downloads are so web 1.0
  14. Software installed, let's get online now. Crap, my credit card was rejected??
  15. I look back at the page and realize I entered in the wrong zip code. Jeez.  I re-enter it correctly on the page and try again.
  16. Still doesn't work, something about the username isn't accepted? I didn't get any notification that I couldn't use the username I chose..Annoying behavior #4: give me feedback as I progress thru sign up
  17. I've seriously had enough nonsense so I startup the customer support chat client.  The image below speaks for itself.  Annoying behavior #5: don't have a customer support chat system if you can't help
  18. I somehow figure out how to re-signup thru the client software. It works. Hurray, I'm online. 



Annoying behavior 1+2+3+4+5 = EPIC FAIL






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