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Twitter Games

Page history last edited by Tara Brown 11 years, 3 months ago

I've been trying to spice up my time on Twitter a little bit and also get back into gaming, so I thought I would try and see if we can get some easy to play games going.


The three I thought up after very little thinking were:

- Hangman

- Tic Tac Toe

- Jeaopardy!


I think the first two can be a little more difficult because Hangman would be hard to keep track of and Tic-Tac-Toe is really between two people.  I found TagMan which is its own app that uses Twitter hashtags to play Hangman.  Its OK, but there is no interaction with other Twitter users.


Here's my attempt at the rules for Twitter Jeopardy:


#1 Kick Off

- Someone tweets a clue in the form of an answer.  Let's call them "Twitter Jeopardy Host"

- E.g. of clues and answers: http://www.j-archive.com/

- Add hashtag to the tweet #jep!  (I chose this b/c no one else has used that hashtag)

- E.g. if @tara kicked it off

It's the title couple played by Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in a 2005 movie #jep!



#2 @Replies from "contestants"

- Contestants reply to the Twitter Jeopardy Host in the form of a question "What is" "Who is" etc.

- E.g. if @funston replied to @tara

@funston @tara What is Mr. & Mrs. Smith #jep!



#3 Tweet correct Answer

- The person who starts as Twitter Jeopardy Host, tweets the answer and the name of the Twitter user that answered correctly the quickest

- E.g. if @funston was the winner, @tara would tweet:

@funston Winner.  What is Mr. & Mrs. Smith #jep!


#4 Winner becomes Twitter Jeopardy Host

- The Winner becomes the Twitter Jeopardy Host and tweets a new question in the form of an answer as in directions for #1




- Keeping track of the term "Winner" + "#jep!"  will help determine points per person.  I can probably come up with something to track winners if people like playing

- No idea how to do Double Jeopardy! or Final Jeopardy! Ideas??



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