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Twitter Recommends

Page history last edited by Tara Brown 13 years, 3 months ago


Trying out two services on who I should follow.



- cross reference with my Facebook, Flickr etc. friends

- Show the weighting of the recommendations based on how much I interact with fellow Twitterers. For e.g. @Metblogs shows up as a 'followed by' but I don't tweet with Metblogs I tweet with @seanbonner and @jasondefillipino

- Add direct link to the Twitterers who follow b/c I dont remember some of them and why I follow them

- Need more information on why these people are interesting

- I unfollowed some of these people like Biz Stone, so I don't want to see him in the list or if I do, make a note that I unfollowed him so I don't see him in the list again

- Want more filters - like by city (e.g. Palm Springs) or interest (e.g. horses) or event (e.g. Coachella)



- Really like the local filters.

- Like how WhoShouldIFollow includes Bios

- Like how Twubble includes a follow button

- Cool filter slider on WhoShouldIFollow

- Google search on Twubble is a convenience factor for really figuring out who the person is but something inline/context would be easier



Service WhoShouldIFollow Twubble Yes/No?                             
  http://whoshouldifollow.com/ http://www.crazybob.org/twubble/  
   biz / Biz Stone
Biz Stone
Followed by geekgiant, Metblogs, strutting and 4 others
I unfollowed him b/c i didn't see anything interesting on his last page of tweets
   davewiner / Dave Winer
Dave Winer
Followed by kangham, geekgiant, Metblogs and 3 others
   newmediajim / Jim Long
Jim Long
Followed by kangham, geekgiant, mikedoe and 3 others
Aaron Brazell
Followed by kangham, strutting, remarkk and 3 others
Nick Douglas
Followed by geekgiant, Metblogs, strutting and 3 others
   Veronica / Veronica  
Followed by geekgiant, Metblogs, SeanMarler and 3 others
Sarah Meyers
Followed by geekgiant, strutting, SeanMarler and 3 others
Nick Starr
Followed by kangham, mikedoe, dodgeball and 2 others


chrispirillo / Chr15 P1r1LL0
Location: Seattle, WA
Bio: live.pirillo.com
Chr15 P1r1LL0
Followed by kangham, geekgiant, strutting and 2 others
 Interesting b/c he is in Seattle
   gapingvoid / Hugh MacLeod  
Hugh MacLeod
Followed by geekgiant, remarkk, greggscott and 2 others
   steverubel / Steve Rubel  
Steve Rubel
ed by geekgiant, DaveTaylor, williamsmith and 2 others
Philip Campbell
Followed by Metblogs, strutting, greggscott and 2 others
Dobromir Hadzhiev
Followed by kangham, mikedoe, Aviary and tweetburner
Michael Bailey
Followed by kangham, mikedoe, Metblogs and strutting
   DougH / Doug Haslam
Doug Haslam
Followed by kangham, geekgiant, mikedoe and strutting
Marina Martin
Followed by kangham, mikedoe, strutting and williamsmith
Andrew Dobrow
Followed by kangham, SeanMarler, greggscott and tweetburner
Blaine Cook
Followed by geekgiant, dustineichler, greggscott and williamsmith
Tara missrogue Hunt
Followed by geekgiant, remarkk, beloit08 and williamsmith
 We have over 30 friends in common according to FB, but I would like to meet her first
John Gruber
Followed by geekgiant, strutting, dustineichler and greggscott
   pmb / PleasantMorningBuzz    
   iwj / The IWJ    
   christmas / Christmas
   A little early for this?
   babies / Babies    Holy crap. FAIL!!
  auctions / auctions    
  singerssing / singers sing music    
   dietnews / Diet News    Are you trying to tell me something??
   sportsosphere / sportsosphere    
  bestsellers / Bestsellers    
  stewtopia / randy stewart   I met him at sxsw so this is a good recommendation!! :)
  jeffpulver / Jeff Pulver    
  thepartycow / Brian Walsh   I unfollowed him :)
  acomputerpro / gj    
  fantasysf / Fantasy SF News    
  justjesse / Jesse!    
  nick / Nick Douglas    
  ijustine / Justine   She is following me and we have FOF so prolly will
  eran / eran    
  TeddyG / Ted Grubb
  writenews / writenews    
  toys / toys   Definitely!!
   briansolis / Brian Solis    
   howtoweb / HowToWeb Tech News    
   jefftippett / Jeff Tippett    
  pets / pets    I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse, this is a good reco
   CreativeSage / Cathryn Hrudicka    
   tempo / Thor Muller    
   mediacynic / mediacynic    
   Genuine / Jim Turner    
   outdoors / outdoors    yep, i like the great outdoors


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